Spring 2012 Music Videos

Kindy completed an exploratory inquiry using Swimmy by Leo Lionni. In their efforts they assigned musical instruments to the various characters, explored moving as a fish and finally coordinated their efforts for this performance.
Kindy Concert

Reception presented an inquiry into the English Nursery Rhyme Humpty Dumpty. In doing so, students created a dance as well as sang vocal versions, xylophone versions and small percussion versions. I arranged this as a round for them to present.
Reception Concert

I arranged this version of Rap a Tap Tap for 1st graders to explore Jazz. Using a simple Jazz bass drone, I read the text and had students improvise in between phrases. This was a first for them. We did not perform this, but we played with it a lot in class. Here are two takes from two classes.
1K Rap a Tap Tap

1T Rap a Tap Tap

We used this African American rhyme/dance as a vehicle for the 2nd grade exploration of jazz. The actual music arrangement is courtesy of Doug Goodkin. Again, we did not perform this piece, but we created opportunities for movement, improvisation and ensemble players.
2B Old Man Mosie

2W Old Man Mosie

This arrangement comes from Doug Goodkin too. Using this traditional children's rhyme we learned jazz style and some form too. Students had opportunites for improvisations and ensemble playing with singing. We didn't quite get to movement parts for this work.
3A Cookie Jar

3T Cookie Jar

This is an arrangement by Doug Goodkin for Listen Here. Being a Latin piece, it was a major challenge for us. We incorporated dance, hand percussion and xylophones for ostinato and style. Some students chose to play the melody as well.
4D Listen Here

4S Listen Here

This is my arrangement of Paul Desmond's Take Five which I wrote while waiting at the Narita Airport in 2011. This modal blues piece works great for this kind of ensemble. These are two rehearsals I had captured before the grade 5 performance the last week of school. Unfortunately, there was no sound on the final performance, so this is all we have from our efforts.
5R Take Five

5S Take Five